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  • National Gallery Singapore, which houses the largest public collection of modern art in Southeast Asia, reflects Singapore’s unique heritage through long-term and special exhibitions. The Gallery also works with international partners to present Southeast Asian art in a global context and publishes books on the visual arts of Singapore and Southeast Asia. Its core genres include exhibition catalogues, Southeast Asian art research and general and children’s titles. PSU Press is proud to bring the Gallery’s vibrant publishing program to North American readers.

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    Below are the series that PSU Press publishes along with a brief description of the series content.
  • Africana Religions is a new book series edited by Sylvester A. Johnson and Edward E. Curtis IV, editors of the Journal of Africana Religions. Adopting a global vision for the study of Black religions, the Africana Religions book series explores the rich diversity of religious history and life among African and African-descended people.
  • The history of American music draws on a complex and diverse tapestry of forms and styles, ranging from the indigenous sounds of Native American life and the Christian hymnody of European settlers to the gospel and blues originally propagated by West African slaves, the Cajun and Creole music of Louisiana, and the Polynesian sounds inherent in Hawaiian music.
  • Books in the series share a fascination not only with the importance of animals in human life, but also with how thinking about animals can give us insights into human cultures, in different temporal and geographical contexts.
  • AnthropoScene is a book series published in collaboration with the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. While not all scientists have accepted the term “anthropocene” as part of the geological timescale, the idea that humans are changing the planet and its environments in radical and irreversible ways has provoked new kinds of cross-disciplinary thinking about relationships among the arts, human technologies, and nature.
  • Centering mainly on the disciplines of architectural history, history of landscape architecture, and the history of urbanism, works in this series seek to negotiate the relationship between the constructed world and expressions of social, political, and cultural identity.
  • The newly reimagined series Cultural Inquiries in English Literature, 1400–1700, is a continuation of the award-winning Medieval & Renaissance Literary Studies series, formerly published by Duquesne University Press—but with a new bent.
  • Volumes in the Dimyonot series explore the intersections, and interstices, of Jewish experience and culture. These projects emerge from many disciplines including art, history, language, literature, music, religion, philosophy, and cultural studies‹and diverse chronological and geographical locations.
  • Thomas Reid (1710–96) is increasingly being seen as a highly significant philosopher and a central figure in the Scottish Enlightenment. In recognition of this, for the first time the philosophical treatises that have established Reid as David Hume’s most significant contemporary critic in Britain have been made available in critical editions and accompanied by relevant manuscript materials.
  • Studies in the History of Art Collecting in America is a series conceived by the Center for the History of Collecting at The Frick Collection. The Center, established at the Frick Art Reference Library in 2007, is a research institute that focuses on an expanding area of study within the fields of art and cultural history.
  • Books in the series are curated by an editorial collective with scholarly, creative, and clinical expertise, and attest to a growing awareness of the value of comics as an important resource for communicating about a range of issues broadly termed “medical.”
  • The Humor in America series considers humor as an expression that reflects key concerns of people in specific times and places. The series engages the full range of the field, from literature, theater, and stand-up comedy to comics, radio, and other media in which humor addresses American experiences.
  • Iberian Encounter and Exchange, 475–1755 combines a broad thematic scope with the territorial limits of the Iberian Peninsula and its global contacts. In doing so, works in this series will juxtapose previously disparate areas of study and challenge scholars to rethink the role of encounter and exchange in the formation of the modern world.
  • All books in the series will focus on the second and third centuries, a time when insiders and outsiders alike were grappling with what it meant to be Christian. This period saw shifting notions of clerical and textual authority, group boundaries, interpretive strategies, and ritual practices.
  • Ivan Illich (1926–2002), a theologian, philosopher, and historian, is best known as a trenchant social critic of the 1970s. His broad and incisive thinking shakes the foundations of such modern certainties as education, medicine, gender, the professions, and even modes of perception. Illich’s deep roots in Western culture lend a historian’s perspective to his acute critiques of the Church and other modern institutions. This series is devoted to recalling Illich’s work and thinking through his perspective for the present and the future.
  • Keystone Books are intended to serve the citizens of Pennsylvania. They are accessible, well-researched explorations into the history, culture, society, and environment of the Keystone State as part of the Middle Atlantic region.
  • This series features primary source texts on colonial and nineteenth-century Latin America, translated into English, in slim, accessible, affordable editions that also make scholarly contributions. Most of these sources are being published in English for the first time and represent an alternative to the traditional texts on early Latin America.
  • The Magic in History series explores the role magic and the occult have played in European culture, religion, science, and politics. Titles in the series bring the resources of cultural, literary, and social history to bear on the history of the magic arts, and they contribute to an understanding of why the theory and practice of magic have elicited fascination at every level of European society.
  • The Magic in History Sourcebooks series features compilations and translations of key primary texts that illuminate specific aspects of the history of magic and the occult from within.
  • Books in this series examine the movements of the German-speaking diaspora as influenced by forces such as migration, colonization, war, research, religious missions, and trade.
  • Metalmark Books is a joint imprint of The Pennsylvania State University Press and the Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing at The Pennsylvania State University Libraries. The facsimile editions published under this imprint are reproductions of out-of-print, public domain works that hold a significant place in Pennsylvania’s rich literary and cultural past.
  • This series publishes books that employ a mixture of approaches: historical, archival, biographical, critical, sociological, and economic
  • Historians of the senses have laid the groundwork for a sensory turn in contemporary scholarship that has produced exciting work across the humanities and social sciences. Maintaining this historical basis for work on the senses, books published in Perspectives on Sensory History will examine the roles of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching in shaping how people have experienced, fashioned, and understood their worlds.
  • Highlighting the multidisciplinary approaches that have helped transform our understanding of the Atlantic world, books in this series use varied academic frameworks to examine the history and theology of these related groups and the global reaches of their religious and cultural influence.
  • This series consists of edited collections of essays, some original and some previously published, offering feminist re-interpretations of the writings of major figures in the Western philosophical tradition.
  • Refiguring Modernism features cutting edge interdisciplinary approaches to the study of art, literature, science, and cultural history.
  • Books in this series examine the religious forces surrounding cultural icons from all facets of world history and contemporary culture.
  • Rhetoric and Democratic Deliberation publishes books on the character and quality of public discourse in politics and culture.
  • The RSA Series in Transdisciplinary Rhetoric is published by the Pennsylvania State University Press in collaboration with The Rhetoric Society of America.
  • The face—and study—of world Christianity has been transformed over the last half century. Moving beyond descriptions of European-derived norms that have existed for hundreds of years, books in this series will reflect an understanding of global Christianity that embodies the wide diversity of its identity and expression.

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